What does a cancerous breast look like on an ultra sound?

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Learning About Breast Cancer over 1 year ago
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    Sheesh... I was WRONG.... I found a great site that shows what breast cancer lesions look like on an ultrasound. SO sorry for the former post which I deleted and put this instead. http://www.ultrasound-images.com/breast.htm This site shows many different breast cancers. Keep scrolling down and you do not have to download any special "viewer". Take care, Sharon

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    Learning About Breast Cancer

    Cysts look like black circles. Breast tissue white and linear. All the tissue looks like it's going in the same direction. Masses tend to be grey and quite irregular. Almost like scribble scrabble. The more irregular, More chance it's cancer.

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    It might help to google words like "breast cancer ultrasound." I tried this and many images showed up. I have very dense breasts. As I recall, the malignancy was dark and the rest of the breast appeared white.

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